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Hello There!

For years I imagined myself as a writer, but never quite confident enough to call myself one.  Occasionally opening my laptop to pour out the thoughts in my head, then closing it again as the demands of life got in the way.  Never fully making the gift God gave me a priority in my life.

Until...I could no longer contain the words held in my heart and mind.  I HAD to let the words escape; they had to be let go.


I have spent the last year finding my writing voice.  I have both succeeded and failed at finding what that voice is.  But more than anything I have been amazed on what God has shown me.  It has been nothing short of amazing!

I hope you will jump in and join me on my journey of discovering the voice God has given me!  A journey, I am sure that will be filled with edge of the seat excitement, along with feelings of sitting on the sidelines waiting for my turn. 

Jennifer and daughter, Gracie
My sweet Gracie Girl and me!  
Sunrise view
The view from my devotional table Rich made me, so I can watch the sun come up while I read my morning devotions.
painting by Jennifer
image of Jennifer L Mosier and husband, Rich

About Me...

I am married to the love of my life, Rich; together we have 5 amazing children, and 4 grandchildren!  I have been so blessed with an amazing extended family, including my children's spouses and their families. 

When I am not writing, you will find me working in the gardens, hanging with our grandchildren, teaching art at our daughters school, working on video presentations and lighting at church, reading a book or painting a picture.

My favorite place to be is basking in the sun, working in the gardens or playing in the pool or lying in the hammock on a warm summer day. Ahh, I LOVE summer!

I am so glad that you stopped by and I can't wait to hear from you!

I Am From...

I am from an old rocking chair,

From Oreos and Kool Aid.

I am from an old farmhouse,

Atop a hill on a country dirt road.

I am from a lazy creek,

Whose cool gaze welcomed us on a hot summers day.

I am from old bikes and mysterious barns.

From the families of Flyte and Luecke,

From hard working and loving people,

who are full of passion.

I am from Sunday morning church pews,

From Hobo Stew and Meatloaf.

From a grandfather in who survived WWII,

and from tough but loving grandmother.

I am from the moments of chasing lighting bugs on summer nights,

and hanging out with friend, Friday night football games, and Saturday softball games.

This is where I am from.

One of my favorite paintings,
it hangs in my dining room!
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