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In The Waiting

In the waiting, is a place so few of us enjoy. We get anxious waiting for a table at a restaurant, waiting for our car at the garage, waiting for someone to pick us up (this is my biggest waiting frustration), waiting for a meaningful relationship, waiting for our dream job. The waiting lists are endless. This a place where many of us get irritated. Like the Israelites in the desert waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain, we feel like we will never get to the end of our waiting and waiting and waiting..... They got discouraged, we get discouraged. So what did they do? They made themselves a god to worship (the golden calf). Wait, what were they thinking?

Getting lost in the waiting

It's easy to say the Israelites were crazy. A golden calf? How could they forget the miraculous things God did to persuade Pharaoh to let them go, all those plagues, the crossing of the Red Sea. Even in the midst of being provided with food every day and clothes and shoes that never wore out, they still forgot God's goodness. They allowed themselves to get lost in the waiting, and they chose to worship a powerless, golden calf.

How many times have we, have I, gotten lost in the waiting, forgetting that God is is control? I am not seeing what I have prayed for so, I make myself a golden calf, well maybe not a literal golden calf, but a modern day golden calf. It could be a relationship, a job, a home, and the list goes on. We settle for less then what God has for us. At first we are so happy to have something, anything. But we soon find that what was so exciting in the moment is really not good for us. A bad relationship, dating or friendships, a job that is toxic and draining, a home that is way out of our price range, even just overspending online. Trust me I have found myself in one or more of these situations more often than I care to admit.

How do we avoid getting lost

We all have that little voice inside of us that says "Whoa, let's think about this decision." LISTEN to this voice! Pray about decisions, especially those with life-long consequences. Be aware of where you tend to be weak, ask God to give you strength in these areas. You may struggle to manage your finances and over spend, stay off Amazon! If you need to shop, make a list before you shop and stick to it.

If you are someone who hates to be alone. Choose your relationships carefully. Be aware of who people really are, ask God for discernment. I love what my pastor says, "No missionary dating" meaning if they don't have a personal relationship with Jesus, they can just move on, nothing to see here. That goes for friendships too, be aware of people who drain the life out of you or who tend to walk to close to the edge, you know who they are. We all know people who bring out the worst in us, and if you can't stay away from them, then limit your time with them. Boundaries can be healthy.

What to do when you do get lost in the waiting

Pray! Seek clarity in prayer. Ask God what to do next. Tell him, "I made a mistake, show me what I need to do and help me to have the strength to persevere." But know this, He may call you to leave that relationship, job, or rein in your finances. Sometimes the way out is easy and other times it can be almost unbearable, on our own! But God said He would never leave us. So lean into Him and He will comfort you and guide you in the right direction.

I remember a time when I let a decision alter the course of my life. It left me completely shattered to the point of I could do nothing else but rely on God and His love and mercy. And with God's help I put one foot in front of the other and walked with Him back onto the path He has for my life. It didn't happen over night, it was a slow, steady climb over time. But we made it together and trust me, there is no better leader for your life then God.

Enjoy the waiting

Wait, what? Enjoy the waiting? But how?

Have you ever found yourself at a restaurant with some friends waiting for a table? You just didn't stand off by yourself and wait to be seated, did you? No, you waited with your friends, talking and laughing. Before you knew it your table was ready. That is how we enjoy the waiting, we take our focus of the fact that we are waiting. Yes, we know we are waiting for a table. But that isn't the only thing we are doing. We are enjoying our life while we wait, we are continuing to connect with people, to trust that God is in control and He has good plans for us. I don't worry the restaurant will run out of food while I am waiting. So why should I worry that God will run out of the good things He has for me?

Besides, if you are waiting for something, you are in good company.

  • Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for Isaac,

  • Daniel waited 15 years to be king,

  • Moses waited 40 years to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and he was 80 years-old when he did it!

Let's find joy and purpose in our waiting, God has never let me down and He has his best waiting for you too!

~ Jenn


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