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Come close to God

If you are like me, technology isn't always your friend! Ok, to be more honest... it is totally frustrating at times. I spend more time figuring out HOW to do things then I actually spend DOING said things!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the benefits of technology. The photos I can create, ordering things today and receiving them in a day or two, finding new recipes an hour before dinner, this blog that I am writing, and the list goes on. But quite honestly the back end or front end, (I have no idea which end) just eludes me.

I can honestly say I probably don't take the time to truly understand what makes it work.

Can anyone relate to this? And it changes from hour to hour, how are we to keep up? They say that is the one thing we can be sure of, things are constantly changing. But you know what never changes, God, He never changes! He is the same God today as He was when He walked with Adam and Eve in the garden. And the same God who spoke to Abraham in the desert. He is the same God who gave us His Son to die for us because of His endless love for us. His desire to have a relationship with us hasn't changed either. He walked with Adam and Eve, He had a relationship with them. He wants a relationship with us to.


We (I) can get caught up in our endless to do lists or obligations that we commit ourselves to, that we can forget or push off that one-on-one relationship with Him. He wants us to spend time with Him. God wants to hear about your joys, frustrations, dreams, disappointments, and so on. Sure, He knows it all but knowing something and having a conversation about something is two different things. I can know that my child has a dream to attend a certain college and achieve a certain degree. Sitting down and talking to them about their dreams is different from just knowing about them. God wants the same relationship, He wants to see the excitement on our face when we are sharing our life with Him, He wants to lift us up when we feel like we can't move forward, He loves our silliness and even our messiness.

The Right Connection

Can you imagine your marriage or friendships lasting if you only gave a fraction of yourself? We need to invite God into every part of our life, we need to download our problems and upload his peace. (A little technology pun) We need to pull out the instruction manual, or 'Google' it and see how we are really created to work. The Bible is the complete instruction manual, or search engine, to a deeper more fulfilled relationship with God.

See how very much our Father love us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!....(1 John 3:1NLT)

What would it be like if we just laid it all out on the table with Him, you know, holding nothing back?


I challenge you to take a break from technology, grab your Bible, and spend some time with God, He is always your friend, even when technology is not!

Your Techno Challenged Friend,



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